My best pieces of flash fiction (so far)

Photo by Nitin Arya from Pexels
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Addicted to Being Human
The Hooded Man
Watcher of the End
Life for a Life
What Does It Mean to Love Someone?
I Am Scared of the Dark
The Leaf’s Journey
Author’s Note

Addicted to Being Human

Treasure life — for the end comes when we least expect it

Image by pixabay user PublicDomainPictures

Massive beasts of condescending water swarm the sky.

Image by pixabay user Adina Voicu

'neath the shimmering sky, he made a promise

Image public domain, modified from original.

Nightmares were supposed to befall only during the night

Image by pixabay user Free-Photos

The wind speaks to me in gentle whispers, telling of a place far away — where I may find happiness at last

Image by Pixabay user Darkmoon_Art

Things are not as they seem

Image by pixabay user TheDigitalArtist

Who is that “you” on the other side? To which end do you strive?

Image by pixabay user Larisa-k

Choose to put yourself underneath, and you are underneath

Credit: Pixabay user Free-Photos

The door opens, followed by the banishment of shadows and the invitation of light

Benjamin Bratz

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